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Eliminates All Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

With just two 15 minute treatments per day

  • Easy to Use

  • Amazing Results

You'll see complete symptoms relief within 30 days, Guaranteed.


4 out of 5 Pain Management Doctors recommend

Carpal Rx first, before surgery (click to see report).

For any severity of carpal tunnel syndrome


We get carpal tunnel syndrome because of swollen tendons. The more swelling, the more severe your symptoms of pain, numbness or tingling.


The Carpal Rx is designed to relieve any amount of swelling - even severe swelling. That means the Carpal Rx eliminates severe symptoms just as easily as mild symptoms.


The only difference is that severe symptoms may take an extra week or two to completely disappear (since severe swelling takes longer to subside).

Safe any time, even during pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a major cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. But the Carpal Rx is completely safe to use while pregnant, and will never harm the fetus. 

In fact, the Carpal Rx is one of the few completely safe remedies available to eliminate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the Carpal Rx in the comfort of your home Risk Free for 60 days. We're so confident you will be satisfied that we back it with a Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. We can offer this amazing guarantee because we're certain you will be free from all symptoms, just like thousands of customers who already own the Carpal Rx.


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