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Relieves All Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Pain, Numbness, Tingling, Weakness

Gone within 30 Days

From 239.95

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Carpal Rx

The Safe Alternative to Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Cures Symptoms in 97.9% of Patients Within 30 Days

Invented by Leading Carpal Tunnel Expert, Dr. M. Zannakis

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"I'm Dr. Z and I invented the Carpal Rx. I promise it will eliminate all of your carpal tunnel symptoms and restore your hand or you'll get every penny back - - with zero hassles."

Meet Dr. Maik Zannakis ( "Dr. Z" )

Dr. Z is a neurophysiologist specializing in nerve injury and pain. With 21 medical patents and 123 scientific publications, he's a leading expert in human physiology, neuroscience, tissue repair, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Carpal Rx is a home-use physical therapy device for carpal tunnel syndrome.
Patented & clinically proven to cure symptoms in 97.9% of patients within 30 days.

That’s a better track record than carpal tunnel surgery - and a fraction of the cost.

And unlike surgery, you get every penny back if it doesn’t work for you.

After 12 years and thousands of patients,

4 out of 5  Pain Management Doctors recommend Carpal Rx first - before surgery.