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Desperate for

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Carpal Rx

Serious Therapy for people with severe numbness, pain, tingling

Dr. Z


specializing in hand

& soft tissue injuries


4 out of 5  Pain Management Doctors recommend the Carpal Rx.

Clinical studies prove the Carpal Rx cures symptoms in 97% of patients within 30 days.

After 12 years & thousands of patients, its now the first choice of doctors & patients.

"For over a decade I've recommend the Carpal Rx to patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. It's serious therapy for a serious condition."

Meet Dr. Z (Dr. Maik Zannakis)

Dr. Z is a neurophysiologist specializing in nerve injury and pain. With over 123 scientific publications, he's a leading expert in human neurophysiology, soft tissue repair, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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How the Carpal Rx works:


Carpal tunnel syndrome happens because the tendons inside your wrist inflame and swell. The swelling pushes against the median nerve, crushing it. 

Nerves tingle and hurt when they're crushed. (That's why you have those sensations in your hand.) The only way to permanently eliminate those sensations is to relieve the swelling on the median nerve.


The best way to relieve that swelling is to use Myofascial Release Massage. It's what physical therapists use every day for their carpal tunnel patients. It's very effective at shrinking swollen tendons and also draining away excess fluid. 

The Carpal Rx performs this identical therapy automatically. In fact, it reproduces a therapist's fingers on your wrist. 


Use it twice a day for 30 days and symptoms will be gone!

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