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Carpal Rx Night Brace

"The very best Carpal Tunnel Brace on the market today."

                                               - Southern Orthopedic Association


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"I was quite pleased when the Southern Orthopedic Association recognized the Carpal Rx Night Brace as the only brace designed specially for carpal tunnel syndrome."

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The Carpal Rx Night Brace Story

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When to buy a carpal tunnel brace

No doubt you’re considering a carpal tunnel brace because you think you have carpal tunnel syndrome. And why not? A brace is a good, first-line therapy to treat this painful condition. Perhaps the doctor performed a test to confirm it, and he or she probably recommended you brace the affected wrist as well.

But you didn’t need a carpal tunnel test to know your hand had a problem. You likely felt symptoms and warning signs like hand or finger pain, numbness and tingling. In its first stages, many people try to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome by buying a carpal tunnel mouse or special carpal tunnel keyboard for the workstation. Some even wear a carpal tunnel thumb splint to manage the pain in the thumb while typing. These are good ergonomic interventions but they don’t fix the problem.

Choosing a carpal tunnel brace

While braces are good for mild symptoms, many people know next to nothing about them. So before buying a brace, you should know that no brace eliminates carpal tunnel pain. The brace merely keeps the hand from over bending, but pain relief is a different matter altogether. Keeping the wrist fixed in one position does nothing to stop the reason you have pain in the first place.

There literally are hundreds of braces to choose from. The product you need depends on several factors.  


Key points in choosing a carpal tunnel brace

1. Only brace at night

Wearing a brace during the day will make you unconsciously fight the brace while you work. This will further worsen the carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore, only wear a brace at night while you sleep to keep it from over-bending.


2. Don’t wear a brace during the day

Wear a brace during the day only if you expect to over-work your hands, and even then, use it sparingly. The brace will keep the hand from over-stressing and can avoid sharp movements that cause pain. Thus, never wear it routinely for daily activities because that will do more harm than good to your hand.


3. Ignore rigid braces

There are many types of soft or rigid braces for sale. Rigid braces usually cost more, and do pretty much the same thing as soft braces: effectively immobilizing the hand and wrist.


4. Don't buy a "generic" wrist brace for carpal tunnel

Most large retailers (pharmacies, discount chains, etc.) sell braces that are not good for carpal tunnel syndrome. Generic braces were designed everyday wrist bracing, as required for sprains, arthritis, etc. Treating carpal tunnel is very different, with different brace requirements.


Features of a good carpal tunnel brace

A good carpal tunnel brace must have a few crucial features. First, it must keep the hand and wrist in the neutral position – which means flat. Second, it must be easily removable and easily washable. It should also allow the skin to breathe through the fabric.


Mind the spine!


Finally, and most importantly, a good carpal tunnel brace should have a thin aluminum spine that is NOT on the palm side of the hand. Any brace advertised as a “carpal tunnel brace” with a spine on the palm side is NOT designed for carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s because bending the wrist with a solid structure there will force pressure into the wrist joint. Pressure in the wrist joint, especially inside the carpal tunnel, is the root cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Thus, find a brace with the spine moved to the side or top of the fabric.

Buying a brace means taking the first step in addressing the fact that you have carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is very well known to worsen if left untreated. Plenty of patients will attest that the carpal tunnel surgery and the long carpal tunnel surgery recovery was avoidable if they took early measures, before the condition got too severe.

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