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Real Patients, Real Stories, Real Reviews

(Your story is probably here, too!)

We're proud to share these amazing stories sent to us by people from all walks of life.

They show Carpal Rx's gradual healing process and how everybody's hands were restored to normal again.
Watch their expressions of relief and gratitude which says it all!

Carol P.
Carol is a Michigan homemaker. She and her daughters thank Dr. Z and the Carpal Rx for helping Mom get off pain medicines for good. 

(42 secs)

Belen C.
Studying to become a court reporter, Belen developed carpal tunnel so severe she thought she’d have to drop out of school. We’re delighted we helped her get her life back on track! 
(38 secs)

Alan Ward
Alan specializes in treating carpal tunnel syndrome at his clinic in Utah. Over the years he’s become a “big fan” of the Carpal Rx. He’s seen the Carpal Rx fully resolve symptoms in patients that otherwise would have needed surgery. 
(37 secs)

Onekka K.
Onekka is a billing and coding specialist. The pain in her fingers was tremendous and interfered with work. It took only 7 weeks for the Carpal Rx to completely restore her hands. Now she's pain free. 
(1 min, 54 secs)

Cheri E.
As a stay-at-home mom, Cheri was plagued by pain and numbness. Waking up at night was a real problem. But the Carpal Rx completely eliminated symptoms by 8 weeks. 
(3 min, 53 secs)

Dan H.
Dan is a graphics engineer. He was suffering with symptoms for years. They make him dread going to work for fear his office duties would make his carpal tunnel pain flare-up. Now Dan is worry free! He says Carpal Rx is a "God-send". 
(23 secs)

Cory J.
Cory works 3 jobs holding things together for his family. He was worried Carpal Rx wouldn’t work for him because his busy schedule prevented him from using it as directed. Now he's thankful because his hand pain was completely gone.
(38 secs)

Jackie B.
Jackie’s neurologist said she needed carpal tunnel release surgery. Jackie took advantage of the Carpal Rx 60-day money-back guarantee to see if it would cure her symptoms. Now she's so glad she did! 
(39 secs)


Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the Carpal Rx in the comfort of your home Risk Free for 60 days. We're so confident you will be satisfied that we back it with a Satisfaction Guarantee. Just use the Carpal Rx as directed. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. We can offer this amazing guarantee because we're certain you will be free from all symptoms, just like thousands of customers who already own the Carpal Rx.


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