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What is Myofascial Release for Carpal Tunnel?

Updated: 7 days ago

Most therapists and chiropractors know how to perform myofascial release massage for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Have you seen a physical therapist (or chiropractor) who gave you myofascial release for carpal tunnel syndrome? Usually this therapy is the first thing they’ll advise to eliminate symptoms.

It’s a massage technique great for carpal tunnel pain because it attacks the cause of the disease itself. Specifically, it breaks-up fascia adhesions in and around tendons inside the wrist joint.

What is fascia?

A well informed patient is an excellent patient!

Myofascial release massage can be painful at first, but if you understand why it hurts it a bit – then you’ll happily let your therapist “go for it” rather than undergoing the alternative of surgery.

Really and truly, myofascial release for carpal tunnel syndrome works as well, and usually better than surgery for curing symptoms.

So it’s smart to understand what exactly has gone wrong inside your wrist and hand and why skillful massage can resolve it.

Basically, fascia is a network of internal tissues that connect structures in the body. Accordingly, it  surrounds all cells, bones, tendons, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and organs.

It’s much like a pomegranate, where the seeds represent organs, muscles, nerves, etc. The fibrous material in between the seeds represents the fascia.

Fascia is like the fiber network inside a pomegranate.

Fascia can get damaged just like any other body part. Trauma like disease, stress and overuse commonly cause injury to this crucial connective network.

Naturally, your body tries to heal the damage. In turn, these natural processes can lead to restrictions or hardening of the fascia making it less supple.

As it hardens, the fascia pulls and tugs on neighboring tissues causing pain. Over time, ensuing inflammation and swelling produces the characteristic signs of carpal tunnel.

What is myofascial release massage?

A foolproof method to relieve pain is to “release” the hardened fascia.

In the 1940’s, doctors thought fascia mostly surrounded muscle, and the Greek for muscle is myo. So the technique was named myofascial release massage.

Today, myofascial release massage is a hands-on therapy applied to the skin over any affected area. The practitioner works the fascia in different (and opposing) directions to release restrictions below the skin.

As restrictions loosen, so does pressure from pain-sensitive tissues (like nerves and blood vessels). The release of pressure and restriction restores proper tissue alignment.

The technique is so effective in treating carpal tunnel that the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA) refers to it as medicine for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pain clinic practitioners call it  “the medicine of the 21st century.

That’s a lot of authoritative praise for a technique few pain sufferers know anything about.

And it’s not just for carpal tunnel!

Myofascial release for carpal tunnel is not its only application. Here’s a short list of other debilitating conditions myofascial release massage is great for resolving:

Take a moment to share this article with other carpal tunnel sufferers. Many of my patients have called myofascial release for carpal tunnel syndrome a “God-send” when it comes to pain relief.